Why Is Personal Finance As Significant As Your Health ?

The major areas of  life that I consider , require constant monitoring are health, relationships, mind , finances and spirituality.

I strongly believe, that these fives aspects of life are the key determinants to a happy living.

Each of these are interconnected and hence a trauma in one aspect, easily shows signs in the other areas of life.

Its like a ripple effect.

Say for example, a person with a stressed mind, will show signs of sleeplessness, anxiety and depression. This in-turn will affect his body.  He might either workout excessively and tire himself to let-go-off the stress or indulge into bad food habits and alcohol. Just to escape the reality. He would eventually develop a pot belly, spend more money in buying materialistic things that can give him a false sense of control over his life.

The need for mini vacations would go up. The expenses become unplanned. Living from one high to another , from one Friday night to another. His relationships fall prey to his stress. He fights at home and to escape the fights, he spends more time at his desk.  He gets  trapped into the rat race and ultimately becomes a slave to money, all his life.

Still hating his job, stressed, living in denial , giving – up on health and blaming the infinite power for the circumstances of his life.

In a book that I read, the expert author said- ” Don’t ask questions if you can google it, throw money at  problems, that you think are throwing you off ” .

Throw money at problems, that throw you off ! Hm.

Might sound straight on face, confident in an unpleasant and rude way, but that’s that !

Have fights deciding who will clean the dishes ? Pay for a house help.

Need a theatre like experience to watch your favorite movie ? Get a home theatre .

Want a chiseled body and get balanced diet ? Consult a nutritionist and pay for a good trainer.

Want to outsource ordering groceries or schedule WFH meetings ? Get a PA who can do both .

Want to fight a disease ? Pay for a great doctor.

Too stressed in a relationship ? Take a luxurious vacation together

Some people might still go ahead and debate, not every problem can be solved by money.

But the whole point is, money can solve your money problems, money can reduce your money problems,  the stress can be controlled and life can be managed.

You can buy a run way of time with money and in the meanwhile figure a way to sought your problems.

Seeing money as a cause of all evil and greed, creates a negative association with money. Everybody deep down wants to be rich, wants more money. Greed is an emotion that can arrive due to anything.  Say, Greed for toilet papers ! Wanting to grab as many toilet rolls as possible during a pandemic shutdown.

Why is that when you hear the work ‘greed’, you associate it with money ? When you think of greed, you picture a fat politician, sitting on a secret endless pit of money ?

Have a positive association with money, agree that you would love to have an extra 1000 $ tip over the weekend.  Admit that you are calculative and careful about spending money and don’t term this behavior as being a miser.

Watch how a positive association with money, attracts more money in your life. Respect money. Earn it, receive it, learn it, direct it, invest it. Money will surely grow.

For a pink personal finance health, learning about your investment avenues is essential.

Would you pop a pill for a chest ache, without consulting an expert or a doctor ?

The answer obviously is No.

Then how can you let your hard earned money flow into avenues that are advices of an uncle or a collogue, who is a mere believer of the rumors.  Remember, half knowledge is dangerous.

You don’t need to be a CA or an MBA to understand money. Money is a game of common sense. Money is guided by psychology.

A simple google search can show you how small SIPs every month can create a magnanimous networth overtime due to compounding.

Focus of your earnings, investments and planning money in general will help you lead a fulfilling life. It is possible to have a healthy work-life- leisure-luxury balance. Planning your finances for a vacation, your passion project, Ivy league education or a luxury home to chill through your retirement is possible.

Why live an average life when you can plan a rewarding life ? Chilling through your retirement, sipping a blue berry smoothie while money works for you at the backend!

Starting early, starting today can help you catch up.

I pity  people who work for money, enslave themselves to the orders of their bosses, confine themselves to a cubicle most of their lives, burn money on cigars or substances when they could use the same for a healthy and income generating investment.

For good physical health and a stable mental health, you need to feel good, eat good, workout and have smart people around. People who cheer you for a new SIP than those who judge you for the car you drive.

Follow people who advice on personal finance, read personal finance blogs and discuss it openly with your kids and wife.

A coach I look up to in the field of personal finance is Ramit Sethi, author of  “I will teach you to be rich”

Here’s the amazon link to buy his book.

You can also check his website and make use of the free resources for guidance.

To understand personal finance in the most simplest way possible, start with this article about “Money Mindset – First Step Towards Making Money “

So go ahead and educate yourself about personal finance, keep track of every penny, just how you keep track of calories in your diet as you grow.

A healthy body requires you to workout and be mindful of what you eat and how you feel. I’m sure you agree, that an admirable  chiseled six-pack body requires even more hard work and thus shows desirable results.

A healthy relationship requires knowing each other better with every passing day, working on it in times of arguments and tolerating at times.

A calm mind requires meditation, may be connecting to the infinite power, praying and controlling thoughts (which I believe requires consistent practice ).

All the above are mostly practiced by many of us. But the most ignored area of life, until crisis hits is personal finance. In today’s pandemic stricken world with innumerous uncertainties, change in money habits and mainly educating oneself about personal finance is a must.

Start your journey to better financial health today. Start with tracking your expenses, start with  saving a portion of your income before you spend even a penny. I wish you , you attain financial security soon !


















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