Rishu Raj

The two days session was very informative and insightful. Also, the excel sheet you showed to us was very logical and helpful. However, it is my personal request to share just the Day 2 recording link because I was working today as well. Due to which I missed some of the slides. I would really … Read more

Tejas Kothiya

Thank you so much Sandhya for conducting this amazing informative workshop regarding personal finance, I learned a lot from you and also I want to appreciate your teaching skills because your way of conducting a webinar is so much easier for me to understand these complex numbers, from ur 2 days workshop I make myself … Read more

Sanjit Chakrabarti

The workshop was great. I liked those excel sheets that you made. It would make my expense management much easier. And gained lots of new information, especially what kind of budgeting to do and about gold and stuff. Thank you for the workshop and all the best for the CA finals.

Rahul Biswas

I am glad and thankful to you that was a part of the 2-day Workshop on Personal Finance. During this workshop, have learned many new things like 4 step Money Flow, budgeting techniques, tips for saving through various channels, money terminologies, how to accumulate emergency fund, the concept of inflation and how to overcome with … Read more


Your workshop was informative. It has sent a message across to be aware of our finances, more so in these uncertain times. We have not imparted any financial knowledge, which is important, in our education system. Knowing and managing your own finances is taking charge of your financial freedom.

Vivek Sharma

The session was so much good really learn a lot from you. Get to know so many things in finance and funds, savings. Looking forward to learn more from you.