Is your employer company a fraud ? Check details of ANY company

Save yourself from the risk of working for a fake company.
Save yourself from being the victim of a dead company.
Save yourself from investing your money in a fraudulent company.
I’m sure, you wouldn’t want to find yourself in a situation where you worked very hard, dedicated your family time for work, sacrificed many weekends for promotions but it all went in vain!
Because one fine morning you show up at your workplace and the company has disappeared.
Worst, that your dues for all your hard work are pending.
How do you save yourself from such a situation?
How can you verify if the company you wish to associate your career with, is legitimate? Can a layman do that?  Do you need to shell money for such investigations?
You don’t need to hire a detective for any of the above. The government has done the job for you! For free!
You can figure out adequate details about any company by yourself with just the name of the company!
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‘ Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) ‘
MCA administers Companies and Limited liability partnerships registered under Companies Act 2013 (& 1956)  the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 respectively.
MCA keeps details of every company that ever gets registered in India, in its database.
Coming to the point!
How can you check the details of ANY registered company?
Step 1 – Google searches for MCA or simply click on the link below.
Step 2 – Go to DATA & REPORTS >> Master Details

Step 3 – Click on COMPANY MASTER DATA >> View Company Master Data

Step 4 – Since most of us wouldn’t know the Company Identification Number (CIN), search for the company name. Make sure you type the correct company/LLP name (as is).

After hitting the search button, you will see the company name with its 21 alpha-numeric digit CIN code.
Copy and paste the CIN or simply click on the CIN, enter the captcha code, and hit ‘submit’.
There you go! Verify the company’s legitimacy and authenticity.
Details of the company, its directors, its registered office address, date of incorporation, capital details, status (active/inactive), assets undercharge (due to loans taken) will appear on your screen!
Now, if none of these appear or the company status says ‘inactive’ or a person is claiming to be a false director of the company, you would know!
You can save yourself from such fishy fraudsters!
You can share the details of your search by using the ‘print/export to excel’ option.
For your safety, always find employment in registered companies/start-ups or LLPs. So that your employer doesn’t disappear one day into thin air along with your salary and dues.
Always check company details before you say ‘yes to the offer letter or even before you apply.
Note- MCA does not cover sole proprietorship or partnership firms (not like LLP).

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